Picture above show how my manipulation was done. It took about 7 hour to finish manipulation and 3 hour for photoshoot. Actually I had no idea what should I post for my next entry, so here it is. This is [PROTOTYPE] developed by Activision company and have many console that game can be play. Yes, I play this game by using PC. The graphic is so nice and it can play in free roaming without border in game world. OK, continue the story about manipulation-> I make this activity in hostel so of cause my housemate always disturbing me till finish. I make it twice, once I get disturbed till stress and not save the work, the second seen like make it again “YES make it again”.

Ok let’s talk about the process flow:

This is photoshoot activity during night. Finish in around 3.00 am. The meaning of numbers notation in picture above is:
  1. Mat as a model
  2. White background covered my wall and window.
  3. Umbrella attached with flash
  4. The messy items on table top.

Yes after 3 hour, this is what we done. Actually the angle of view need to strait pointing at background. This is the best picture amount other even though lack of background.

This picture had shown an idea to me to make manipulation for the picture. 2 pictures, the PC DVD jewel case and [PROTOTYPE] wallpaper downloaded from internet.


Busy And Busy

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