And Again This Is Fatin

I think all photographers around Penang are already known her. The beauty talent that comes from Balik Pulau is reaching famous with style. That is how lucky it is when I’m meet her and taken some of photos. In this entry I would like to tell the concept in editing, a fantasy world. So I put her photo in my manipulation project and give some dull environment. This artwork I used is photo exhibition at few weeks ago. Yeah! Its shown to public through this blog and Facebook.


Persepsi Terhadap Kimy

Pada 24 April lalu saya bersama rakan GYP mengadakan photoshoot di R&R. Di situ rakan mula merakam foto rakan yang lain di tempat tersebut. Ada salah seorang rakan merakam foto sambil berbaring dan lalu beliau turut baring. Tiba-tiba saya dapat idea supaya model diambil gambar bersama rakan saya yang baring tersebut. "Kimy suka ambil gambar pose yang pelik-pelik" kata model tersebut kepada saya.

Hendak dijadikan cerita, saya teringat kisah dimana saya merakam foto bersama model yang lain sebelum model tersebut.

Saya tidak kenal model tersebut dan tidak pernah bersama untuk merakam foto. Model tersebut telah mengenali saya (rasanya lebih mendalam) disebabkan mungkin rentak saya. Perkataan yang sama disebutkan oleh model tersebut "Kimy suka ambil gambar pose yang pelik-pelik". Saya pada waktu itu tidak menyangka dan betul-betul terkejut. Beginilah rupanya bagaimana Model mengenali jurufoto sebelum mula bersama merakam foto. :)

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GYP's Photo Exhibition


Poster created by FJ! editor.
At April 16, 2011 Gen Youth Photohunter (GYP) has conducted a big event. The event is around famous Penang area, Started at Komtar -> Padang Kota -> Queensbay. This is a street event and known as low profile but high expectation. All GYP’s members bring their own unique artwork to show off. As estimated almost 100++ is ready to audience to watch it. Therefore many of them are fully excited and push the limits to make it fun and interactive. At evening Queens Bay Mall is our last destination, beside the main road are chosen to be a place. At this point there is a lot of fun when street musician Malapetaka is performed and sang a song along with us. Many visitor or audience is watched us and respond to artwork as shown. below is some of picture during event:

The photo galleries

Portraiture expert, Adam Luba.

What the hack.. Photo by Firdaus Hadzri.

Gediks with special guest Effie Bean..

Gediks with FJ! editors.

What are their do? Photo by Hafiz Rahim.

Melenggang paca-paca... :D

The audience.

The photog group are joined. Photos by Zaid.

The sad is:
I am only the person who had bad luck at a day before event. I had an accident crashed by a car and injured. Yes can’t do anything to help them to make that event more exciting. Said sorry would not change anything, but thanks. Thanks to all GYP’s member for help me and bring my artwork even though that is a good as other. Special thanks to Dhiya, Nurul Zaadah and other because helped me to mount my photos to mounting board, without them no one will know my work as an artist. Hehehe :”)

Video During Activities. Video by Jamie Koncept.

The Faced. Photo by Effie