Extreme Earth Part 1

IMG_36421Shooting Date:08/01/09. ISO 100 18mm f/9 1/200sec
When we back to home from Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah, we go to paddy field at around Permatang Pauh area (I don’t know what the name of this place). The way to go to the paddy field is easy just take a road along BKE highway. Thanks to Ganes because being model for this picture.
Shooting Date:08/01/09. ISO 100 18mm f/6 1/100sec
To keep punch for the sky shadow on the water, I need to choose exposure correctly. Retouch by using Photoshop to get a cold effect rather than warm effect in original picture. A little HDR looks like HEHEHE.
IMG_3550Shooting Date:30/12/08. ISO 800 18mm f/14 1/200sec
This is sunrise behind the hill. This picture taken from low angle, need to beware because little mistake will fall into the sea. If my camera falls into the sea, what can I do? Buy a new 1? Of course it takes a long time to gain my money to reach camera budget.
Shooting Date:30/12/08. ISO 800 37mm f/5 1/200sec
No fisherman here so this jetty belong to us HAHAHA. We shoot the picture on this jetty until tied because the wood textures on the surface give a nice shot.
IMG_0473Shooting Date:18/9/08. ISO 100 50mm f/7 1/320sec
This picture was taken at Kulim Kedah. Shot alone this grass in front of my rent house. At this moment I feel so bored to stay at home without do anything. So I take out my camera and shoot.
Shooting Date:22/8/08. ISO 400 50mm f/14 1/100sec
No idea what to say. I want to tell you that the sky so great with golden color. Shot this picture when sunset.


Top Tips For Compelling Candids

fightingShooting Date:28/10/08. ISO 200 18mm f/20 1/200sec
The teenage fighting in front of there house. I took this picture at midday and that was very hot. hehehe actually this is my friends act like this to make assignment.

Top tips for compelling candids

  1. Go public - Head to the places where you know there’ll be plenty of people around – more people mean more photo opportunities. You’re also much less likely to stand out in the busy places to which is a bonus
  2. Seize the moment - When you spot a photo opportunity for a candid shot, grab it! You’ll newer get a second change at that decisive moment. Have your camera ready in your hands, not draped around your neck.
  3. Blend in - If you can, try to be as inconspicuous as possible and avoid drawing attention to yourself. Try to blend into your scene and do as everyone else is doing. Draw the camera to your eye at the last moment.
  4. Go low - Shoot from the hip and many people won’t even notice you’ve got a camera with you. Practice framing shots from waist level. It’s tricky, so be prepared for lots of duff images, but it does get easier the more you do it.
  5. Keep it simple - Candid photography isn’t about stringent technical accuracy. Don’t risk missing shot by continuously changing setting – shot in ‘p’ mode and let camera do the work. Leave yourself free to watch.
2009 All right reserved. This article from Digital Camera Magazine issue 32 August 2008.

Shooting Date:21/12/08. ISO 1600 18mm f/18 1/4sec
I took this this picture at Pesta Pulau Pinang. I don't know what are this couple doing in this picture, but I guess maybe discuss something with touching hands.


Ody Dozz ROCK!!!

ody dozzShooting Date:08/10/08. ISO 1600 18-50mm f/3.5-5.6 1/20sec
Dj Ody Dozz in action spinning the turntable and also make people who listen to his music spin like "gasing". LoVe his song because soft and the flow of music was very smooth. The one of the famous mixing by him is "sanusi milami" (if i not mistaken). Keep in touch and gain to the high ranking of world Dj.
unknow dance
Shooting Date:08/10/08. ISO 1600 25mm f/4 1.6sec

Girl dancing and really enjoy the music. The dance it look someting like lesbian, URGHH.
tiger dance
Shooting Date:08/10/08. ISO 1600 25mm f/4 1/60sec

This is tiger dance and not tiger show HAHAHA. This is the most funny show and all people watch to her with excited face. The people laugh and pogo when looking at she on the stage.


Previous HDR From Storage

mengkuang-dam-HDRShooting Date:08/01/09. ISO 100 5mm f/8 4-exposure
The security mad with me because take out the rubbish from bin. After explain to him that I wanna take some picture of this rubbish suddenly he had bad thinking of me. He said that i just want to shown the bad keeping service to the public. Aiyoo!!! he feel hard to believe me, after that I talk to him nicely that the name of the place never show to the public. He agree and leave me to take the picture.
Shooting Date:unknow. [EXIF data lost]
The dramatic scene like a horror story's.
Shooting Date:unknow. [EXIF data lost]
this is my favorite photo. I got a lots of detail just only 3 step exposure with hand hold.


Speximent In Action Part 1

speximent in action 1Shooting Date:unknow. ISO 200 5mm f/1.8 1/200sec
Location in Padang Kota Lama near the old building (have some cannon). Don't know why this picture taken at that moment when we driven along Padang Kota road.speximent in action 2Shooting Date:unknow. ISO 100 30mm f/4 1/100sec
Some of picture from my lappy storage.


Mengkuang Dam Part 1

mengkuangDam1Shooting Date:24/12/08. ISO 100 27mm f/7.1 1/1000sec
Of course I'm using rule of third for this picture.mengkuangDam3 Shooting Date:24/12/08. ISO 100 27mm f/4 1/1600sec
Make the color more vivid especially for grass to make dramatic landscape.mengkuangDam2Shooting Date:24/12/08. ISO 100 18mm f/8 1/100sec
Just small retouch to get punch at the wall and keep the car in original.


The model Number 1

Thanks Fizi because bring me a model. actually this model is Fizi's friends.
jungle women
Shooting Date:unknow/08. ISO 200 27mm f/5.6 1/60sec
Jungle Chick! hehe(^^") this picture taken when sunset time. Simple editing to make the model shine from background.Shooting Date:unknow/08. ISO 400 21mm f/4 1/13sec
The theme of this picture is into the death (sound like a song from Atari Teenage Riot). I had long time to edit this picture. This is not in a studio but in my friends house, which is secret.


Guy Kissing & Looking Chicks

GuyKissing3Shooting Date:21/12/08. ISO 200 200mm f/6.3 1/500sec
went picnic at Batu Feringgi, Penang. In that day after finding place to loaf I borrow Ganes camera and shoot this guy. The guy walked in opposite direction, so I zoomed closely and snap the picture.LookingChicksShooting Date:09/10/08. ISO 1600 18mm f/4.5 1/50sec
Kimy and Yasri looking for Chicks somewhere in KL. Kimy says " oit Yas hang tengok awek tu" and Yas says "bluek!! awek cam tu pun hang nak tengok". Both together talk about this chicks with surprised face. Creadit to Hazlami and Speximent.


Wedding Package.

Call us for more info
You will get:
1. Coverage of 8 hour or more but not exceed 12 hour.
2. 3 event in 1 day (nikah, sanding and outdoor shooting) if the event are not in same day, further discussion in need.
3. Minimum 150++ printed photo.
4. Combination of color and black/white prints.
5. High quality photo album.
6. 2 pieces of CD/DVD softcopy including edited picture.
7. Creative photo album 20++ page.
8. 2 DVD digital picture story albums (Video DVD).
9. 1-3 pieces of printed 8RW pictures.

Call us for more info
You will get:

1. Coverage of 8 hour or more but not exceed 12 hour.
2. 3 events in 1 day (nikah/ outdoor and sanding)  if the event are not in the same day, further discussion in need..
3. Combination of color and black/white prints.
4. High quality photo album.
5. 3~5 8RW size prints
6. 2 pieces of CD/DVD softcopy including edited picture.

For price info simply follow this method:
  1. take your handphone.
  2. write your name and place.
  3. when the date you need photographer.
  4. finally send to 019-5449058
An example:
ali(space)geogetown penang(space)20/12/2009

  1. The price may vary according to market price.
  2. The items will change without notice, kindly please contact by giving comment or mobile phone before choosing the suitable package.
  3. If you want to change package please do it early.
  4. To confirm and booking the date, Please refer to my Assignment Calender to avoid overwrite with other wedding.
Our Terms of Payment:
  1. 40% from total for booking.
  2. Balance have to be pay after event end or after receive finish product.
  3. Finish product will be deliver as fast as 1 month after the last event or not more than 3 months.
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Mobile Phone Number: 019-544, NINE, ZERO, FIVE, EIGHT.


Banking Account

This is my Banking Account for bank-in purpose. Kindly please contact me by giving Comment or mobile phone before and after bank-in have made. This is important because it keep you up to date with any change of account number further and its tell me that payment has done.

Maybank -> 1572 9602 7523

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RHB Bank -> 1070 5500 2634 09

CIMB Bank -> 0714 0167079 52 2


Mobile Phone Number: 019-544, NINE, ZERO, FIVE, EIGHT.


Assignment Calender

UPDATE: 22/06/12
This is our Assignment Calender, all activities we will write here. If you have any task or assignment to give to us, please refer this calender to avoid overwrite and some kind of problem.


January (0 Assignment)
No assignment

February (2 Assignment)
  1. 19/2/12 - Sufian & Mastura
  2. 25/2/12 - Sufian & Mastura
March (2 Assignment)
  1. 3/3/12 - Sufian & Mastura
  2. 17/3/12 - Norhafiezi engagement
April (0 Assignment)
No assignment

Mei (1 Assignment)
  1. 5/5/12 - Fairuz dan Azira
June (2 Assignment)
  1. 23/6/12 - Syaima Naqiah Wedding
  2. 24/6/12 - Firdaus prewedding
  3. 15,17/6/12 - Arnida wedding
July (1 Assignment)

  1. 14/7/12 - KM Azlan
August (0 Assignment)
No assignment

(0 Assignment)
No assignment

October (0 Assignment)
No assignment

November (0 Assignment)
No assignment

December (0 Assignment)No assignment


January (0 Assignment)
No assignment

February (1 Assignment)
  1. 5/2/11 - Aswad & Mira wedding
March (1 Assignment)
  1. 12/3/11 - Abby Isa bertunang
April (1 Assignment)
  1. 30/4/11 - Dahlia sabri bertunang
Mei (0 Assignment)
No assignmentJune (0 Assignment)
No assignment

(0 Assignment)
No assignment

(0 Assignment)
No assignment

(0 Assignment)
No assignment

October (0 Assignment)
No assignment

November (2 Assignment)
  1. 20/11/11 - Farhana Abd Hamid
  2. 27/11/11 - Farhana Abd Hamid

December (0 Assignment)No assignment


January (0 Assignment)
No assignment

February (3 Assignment)
  1. 26/2/10 - Cukur Jambul, Yasri sis.
  2. 28/2/10 - MTB, Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah.
  3. 08/2/10 - Anuar bertunang
March (1 Assignment)
  1. 20/3/10 - MK Azrai wedding.
April (1 Assignment)
  1. 24/04/10 - Mohd Hanif Wedding
Mei (1 Assignment)
  1. 02/05/10 - Tun Nurulhuda & Mohd Ridzuan wedding
June (0 Assignment)
No assignment

July (0 Assignment)
No assignment

August (0 Assignment)
No assignment

September (0 Assignment)
No assignment

October (0 Assignment)
No assignment

November (0 Assignment)
No assignment

December (1 Assignment)
  1. 18/12/10 - Haswad wedding


January (1 Assignment)
  1. 09/01/09 - Akad nikah adik Kak Mira
February (1 Assignment)
  1. 07/02/09 - Awin & Faiz couple photoshoot for valentine day
March (3 Assignment)
  1. 07/03/09 - wedding yasri sister
  2. 01/03/09 - miss Fieza getting bertunang
  3. 14/03/09 - Aidi Azree wedding
April (1 Assignment)
  1. 19/04/09 - Cukur Jambul
Mei (2 Assignment)
  1. 10/05/09 - Azlan wedding
  2. 16/5/09 - Yus and Meen wedding
June (2 Assignment)
  1. 06/06/07 - Suhar wedding
  2. 25/06/09 - Awin Photoshoot
July (0 Assignment)
No assignment.

(1 Assignment)
  1. 02/08/09 - Ain wedding
September (1 Assignment)
  1. 20/09/09 - Mami family portraiture
  2. 09/10/09 - Aimi Birthday
October (2 Assignment)
  1. 03/10/09 - KM Azhar wedding
  2. 17/10/09 - Arif Hafizi wedding
November (1 Assignment)
  1. 28/11/09 - Backup photographer for Arip big event
December (0 Assignment)No assignment.


the first day

Today is the first day in 2009. New blog has been created by Kimy the editor of www.fototaklaku.blogspot.com . I will upload the contents soon and this blog is under construction.