The model Number 1

Thanks Fizi because bring me a model. actually this model is Fizi's friends.
jungle women
Shooting Date:unknow/08. ISO 200 27mm f/5.6 1/60sec
Jungle Chick! hehe(^^") this picture taken when sunset time. Simple editing to make the model shine from background.Shooting Date:unknow/08. ISO 400 21mm f/4 1/13sec
The theme of this picture is into the death (sound like a song from Atari Teenage Riot). I had long time to edit this picture. This is not in a studio but in my friends house, which is secret.


Niza_CrazEE said...

super cool!
nice edition...

p/s:bl na shoot pic aku plak?

Kimy said...

yeah thanks! (^^)V

aku akan tgu ko turun penang n masa tu aku nak ambil gambar puas2 pasangan yg sedang hot bepacaran. itu pn kalau ko turun smbil bawa si dia lah, hehehe.

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