Guy Kissing & Looking Chicks

GuyKissing3Shooting Date:21/12/08. ISO 200 200mm f/6.3 1/500sec
went picnic at Batu Feringgi, Penang. In that day after finding place to loaf I borrow Ganes camera and shoot this guy. The guy walked in opposite direction, so I zoomed closely and snap the picture.LookingChicksShooting Date:09/10/08. ISO 1600 18mm f/4.5 1/50sec
Kimy and Yasri looking for Chicks somewhere in KL. Kimy says " oit Yas hang tengok awek tu" and Yas says "bluek!! awek cam tu pun hang nak tengok". Both together talk about this chicks with surprised face. Creadit to Hazlami and Speximent.


Niza_CrazEE said...

pic 1st mmg chanteq...

mmmm....pk sat...


chayok2 kimy!

Kimy said...

pic 1 mmg cndid, pic 2 tu pic dari koleksi photo lama yg mber aku ambik time kami muka hairan tgk awek yang tut~~ jalan2.

HAHAHA (^^")

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