Extreme Earth Part 1

IMG_36421Shooting Date:08/01/09. ISO 100 18mm f/9 1/200sec
When we back to home from Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah, we go to paddy field at around Permatang Pauh area (I don’t know what the name of this place). The way to go to the paddy field is easy just take a road along BKE highway. Thanks to Ganes because being model for this picture.
Shooting Date:08/01/09. ISO 100 18mm f/6 1/100sec
To keep punch for the sky shadow on the water, I need to choose exposure correctly. Retouch by using Photoshop to get a cold effect rather than warm effect in original picture. A little HDR looks like HEHEHE.
IMG_3550Shooting Date:30/12/08. ISO 800 18mm f/14 1/200sec
This is sunrise behind the hill. This picture taken from low angle, need to beware because little mistake will fall into the sea. If my camera falls into the sea, what can I do? Buy a new 1? Of course it takes a long time to gain my money to reach camera budget.
Shooting Date:30/12/08. ISO 800 37mm f/5 1/200sec
No fisherman here so this jetty belong to us HAHAHA. We shoot the picture on this jetty until tied because the wood textures on the surface give a nice shot.
IMG_0473Shooting Date:18/9/08. ISO 100 50mm f/7 1/320sec
This picture was taken at Kulim Kedah. Shot alone this grass in front of my rent house. At this moment I feel so bored to stay at home without do anything. So I take out my camera and shoot.
Shooting Date:22/8/08. ISO 400 50mm f/14 1/100sec
No idea what to say. I want to tell you that the sky so great with golden color. Shot this picture when sunset.


Niza_CrazEE said...

love all of them...
i'm super mania with the cloud thingy...

and the reflection, seriously give very good impact in these photos..

mama mia!

Rizal Yusof @ Mysta' JT said...

Steady la kimy sifoo-kuh!!!
Aku mmg geram tgk HDR hg...
Cm nk gigit n telan ja!!!
Btw, Congrat dude!!!

Acungkan 3 jari!!!
Bak kata kukubesi!!!=)

Kimy said...

to niza = mama mia here we go again my my how should i .... ermmm x igt lirik lah lagu tu. hehehe

to rizal = hehe jgn gigit nati rosak laptop ko camna nk edit pic nati, bawak bersabar ye~~~. hehehe

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