Top Tips For Compelling Candids

fightingShooting Date:28/10/08. ISO 200 18mm f/20 1/200sec
The teenage fighting in front of there house. I took this picture at midday and that was very hot. hehehe actually this is my friends act like this to make assignment.

Top tips for compelling candids

  1. Go public - Head to the places where you know there’ll be plenty of people around – more people mean more photo opportunities. You’re also much less likely to stand out in the busy places to which is a bonus
  2. Seize the moment - When you spot a photo opportunity for a candid shot, grab it! You’ll newer get a second change at that decisive moment. Have your camera ready in your hands, not draped around your neck.
  3. Blend in - If you can, try to be as inconspicuous as possible and avoid drawing attention to yourself. Try to blend into your scene and do as everyone else is doing. Draw the camera to your eye at the last moment.
  4. Go low - Shoot from the hip and many people won’t even notice you’ve got a camera with you. Practice framing shots from waist level. It’s tricky, so be prepared for lots of duff images, but it does get easier the more you do it.
  5. Keep it simple - Candid photography isn’t about stringent technical accuracy. Don’t risk missing shot by continuously changing setting – shot in ‘p’ mode and let camera do the work. Leave yourself free to watch.
2009 All right reserved. This article from Digital Camera Magazine issue 32 August 2008.

Shooting Date:21/12/08. ISO 1600 18mm f/18 1/4sec
I took this this picture at Pesta Pulau Pinang. I don't know what are this couple doing in this picture, but I guess maybe discuss something with touching hands.


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