Just Want To say Hye

Almost 1 month I didn’t post any new entry. Ok, this entry will tell you why. I’m busy person (student) with my work.

Only in 1 month I had photograph at many locations:
  1. Ain and Mr. Anas wedding (Kampung Gajah Perak).
  2. Kamarul Azhar Wedding (Gelugor Penang).
  3. Aimi Birthday (Seberang Jaya Penang)
  4. photographs Arif Hafizi wedding (Kuala Terengganu) .
  5. Photograph final project (Kulim Kedah).
  6. Photograph DJ Ody Dozz for Promo pictures (Tasik Junjung Kedah).
  7. Create flyers for DJ Ody Dozz event (Home).
  8. Photograph my classmate (Politeknik Tuanku Sultanah Bahiyah).
  9. Photo-walk with Kimo (Kulim Kedah).
  10. Natural shooting (Lata Buluh, Ijok Perak).
  11. As backup photographer for big event that Arip UK needs to cares (kompleks Tabung Haji Penang).
I need to study (yes of course) and do preparation for my final exam. I got a lot in pending photos to edit for my customer so I pause for a while. My exam is in this December, I hope you will pray for my success. After exam many entry will be post hehehe.

Here some preview pictures:

Mrs. Ain and Mr. Anas wedding

Mrs. Sakura-Chan and Mr. Mohd Kamarul Azhar Wedding

Aimi Birthday event.

Mr. Arif Hafizi wedding.

Our final project phase 1 we will continue in semester 6.

DJ Ody Dozz Promo Picture

DJ Ody Dozz Flyers.

Classmate during deko-deko~~, hehehe ;p

This is what I got at Photo-Walk

Water fall at Lata Buluh Ijok Perak.

As Backup photographer in this ceremony.

Miscellaneous pictures:

This is Alia Najwa

Tolong Ragut!! owh, yeah the cow "ragut" rumput.. OK?

Prepare before fight

Yeah I know and dont repeat the same word again saying that I'm cute. HAHAHA (^^).

More Pictures? I will upload soon with story behind scene and full with description for each pictures.