InLine and Skateboarding Part 1

This is previous action shooting from my storage. The location for this shooting at Taman Belia, Penang. I do this shot when late evening. I'm not skateboarding at this moment because to excited to snap the picture.
azreen azman 1Shooting Date:13/3/09. ISO 400 22mm f/3.5 1/250sec
This is my good friends Azreen since 2004, we starting skateboarding together. 360 flip over funbox.
azreen azman
Shooting Date:13/3/09. ISO 400 18mm f/3.5 1/800sec
Azreen again with 360 flip and again
coolen ong
Shooting Date:13/3/09. ISO 400 18mm f/3.5 1/200sec
Coolen Ong, he is ICP level 1 instructor at Skateline (skate park and inline shop at QueensBay Mall). Trick unknow.
Shooting Date:13/3/09. ISO 400 18mm f/3.5 1/800sec

Yuki Yamasaka from Japan. Now he live in Malaysia. His father owner of sushi restaurant at Pulau Tikus, Penang. The sushi restaurant name is ??? (actually im forgot HAHAHA). The trick is crooked grind.


Just Finished Fieza Album

Finally, Fieza album has been finished and its not mean I can relax. After this I have one in pending custom and prepare for 'softcopy' of photo to my friends wedding. What items in the box? well lets take a look.custom album packing
  1. Custom photo album and 'softcopy' of photos.
  2. CD in beauty CD case..(^^*) HAHAHA.
  3. Put items in the box.
  4. Ready to deliver to customer.
Ok the picture below show how my artwork look like in album. Sorry because not all page in this album can show. I need to do this because to minimize networking traffic, so visitor can easily load my page. ok lets check it~~custum album contens
  1. The cover of custom album.
  2. This is Fieza the "orang yang nak bertunang".
  3. The prize and hantaran.
  4. The people with different thing to do.
Alright! Ok for people who had read this post, you can call me to get a price as low as RM300* for Bertunang event only.

* term and condition apply


New Friends From Shutter Asia

Don’t know what to do at home so I hang out with shutter asia members to do some activities and learning. Starting at 3pm I’m ride with my motorcycle to Auto City, Juru Penang. When I ride on Penang Bridge the rain started, OMG I need so ride faster to destination. Finally arrive at Auto City with wet cloth and feel so cold. Thanks to bro Mujid “bagi tumpang kereta” to Mengkuang Dam. Here, some of picture taken during the activities.
the sampan
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 21mm f/5 1/320sec
Landscape, the camera setting on under exposure and use the flash.
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 18mm f/3.5 1/200sec
Couple jogging, romantic act in front camera.
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 18mm f/3.5 1/800sec
Jogging again by other person, the different is this shot from low angle.
the gang
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 18mm f/3.5 1/200sec
The shutter asia member with their own setup.
bro mujid
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 18mm f/7.1 1/320sec
Bro Mujid always being “mangsa tembakan”
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 28mm f/4 1/200sec
This is Eddie; idea to do this activity came from his idea. So no wonder LAH hyper active till jump much time to do these shot.
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 50mm f/1.8 1/800sec
The Nikkor 17-55mm f1:2.8 G (if I’m right) focusing window, owned by Azmi.


Fieza Bertunang

Just finished and post to print shop. This is mini custom album about Fieza bertunang at 1 march 2009. So as you can see below there, this is my artwork. I'm know my skill is still bad but I try my best in every assignment given to me.
page2-copyPage 2 - waiting for his boyfriend.
page3-copyPage 3 - Happy because "kau milik-ku" HAHAHA.
page7-copyPage 7 - a lots of item on the bed.
So that all, thanks for viewing. (^^)


Gigs At Komtar

Sorry for my late post of this gigs. I'm so busy with my work and another in pending picture for edit. At last only 3 picture has been chosen.
radhi oag
Height jump by Radhi OAG, I think this is the most interesting picture done with me at the gigs. Other artist picture is ok and fine but this picture is more OK than other. This picture has been edited by me and it took a long time to finish after my first try forgot to save. However hard to find an idea, I need to edit to be a great picture.
Skudap-Skudip in action, sorry I’m forgot the vocalist name. Actually this picture uses a same idea that I use on the first picture. This portrait gives a nice impression for me, and I don’t know why. Maybe because his have a long dreadlocks hair, HAHAHA ermm I think I want to make my hair just like he after grab my diploma.
kids n zera
Kids N Xera . No idea what to say but the simple word that I can say is “their song is really great with hyperactive vocalist singing the song”. The same idea uses to edit this picture, HAHAHA no idea and just repeat the same… SIGH~~~ and 1 more thing, the guitarist face is unique.
radhi skudapskudip kidnxera
The EXIF data:
First picture-
Shooting Date:23/8/08. ISO 100 28mm f/4 1/200sec
Second picture-
Shooting Date:23/8/08. ISO 100 37mm f/5 1/200sec
Third picture-
Shooting Date:23/8/08. ISO 100 45mm f/5.6 1/60sec