New Friends From Shutter Asia

Don’t know what to do at home so I hang out with shutter asia members to do some activities and learning. Starting at 3pm I’m ride with my motorcycle to Auto City, Juru Penang. When I ride on Penang Bridge the rain started, OMG I need so ride faster to destination. Finally arrive at Auto City with wet cloth and feel so cold. Thanks to bro Mujid “bagi tumpang kereta” to Mengkuang Dam. Here, some of picture taken during the activities.
the sampan
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 21mm f/5 1/320sec
Landscape, the camera setting on under exposure and use the flash.
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 18mm f/3.5 1/200sec
Couple jogging, romantic act in front camera.
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 18mm f/3.5 1/800sec
Jogging again by other person, the different is this shot from low angle.
the gang
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 18mm f/3.5 1/200sec
The shutter asia member with their own setup.
bro mujid
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 18mm f/7.1 1/320sec
Bro Mujid always being “mangsa tembakan”
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 28mm f/4 1/200sec
This is Eddie; idea to do this activity came from his idea. So no wonder LAH hyper active till jump much time to do these shot.
Shooting Date:15/3/09. ISO 100 50mm f/1.8 1/800sec
The Nikkor 17-55mm f1:2.8 G (if I’m right) focusing window, owned by Azmi.


Niza_CrazEE said...

ske 1st and 3rd photo....

1st: i can feel the peaceful thingy...

3rd: it just amazed me... I'm speechless...


Rizal Yusof @ Mysta' JT said...

Mengkuang Dam???
Dh dekat ngan uitm aku tuh...

Kimy said...

to niza = hehe nape plak speechless ni?? minumlah air asam jawa utk latihan vocal hehehe.

to rizal = haha memang dekat pun, tapi masalahnya aku tak taw jalan lah pulak... hehe

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