Gigs At Komtar

Sorry for my late post of this gigs. I'm so busy with my work and another in pending picture for edit. At last only 3 picture has been chosen.
radhi oag
Height jump by Radhi OAG, I think this is the most interesting picture done with me at the gigs. Other artist picture is ok and fine but this picture is more OK than other. This picture has been edited by me and it took a long time to finish after my first try forgot to save. However hard to find an idea, I need to edit to be a great picture.
Skudap-Skudip in action, sorry I’m forgot the vocalist name. Actually this picture uses a same idea that I use on the first picture. This portrait gives a nice impression for me, and I don’t know why. Maybe because his have a long dreadlocks hair, HAHAHA ermm I think I want to make my hair just like he after grab my diploma.
kids n zera
Kids N Xera . No idea what to say but the simple word that I can say is “their song is really great with hyperactive vocalist singing the song”. The same idea uses to edit this picture, HAHAHA no idea and just repeat the same… SIGH~~~ and 1 more thing, the guitarist face is unique.
radhi skudapskudip kidnxera
The EXIF data:
First picture-
Shooting Date:23/8/08. ISO 100 28mm f/4 1/200sec
Second picture-
Shooting Date:23/8/08. ISO 100 37mm f/5 1/200sec
Third picture-
Shooting Date:23/8/08. ISO 100 45mm f/5.6 1/60sec


Rizal Yusof @ Mysta' JT said...

Xnak cakap aperr....=p
Giler jelez!!!

meen rahman said...

aku pon!

Niza_CrazEE said...

i love 3rd photo...

rmbut Dodd ttp menjadi pujaan ku...(vox Skudap Skudip)

p/s: Dodd ade bawa snake dia x time tu?

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