Just Finished Fieza Album

Finally, Fieza album has been finished and its not mean I can relax. After this I have one in pending custom and prepare for 'softcopy' of photo to my friends wedding. What items in the box? well lets take a look.custom album packing
  1. Custom photo album and 'softcopy' of photos.
  2. CD in beauty CD case..(^^*) HAHAHA.
  3. Put items in the box.
  4. Ready to deliver to customer.
Ok the picture below show how my artwork look like in album. Sorry because not all page in this album can show. I need to do this because to minimize networking traffic, so visitor can easily load my page. ok lets check it~~custum album contens
  1. The cover of custom album.
  2. This is Fieza the "orang yang nak bertunang".
  3. The prize and hantaran.
  4. The people with different thing to do.
Alright! Ok for people who had read this post, you can call me to get a price as low as RM300* for Bertunang event only.

* term and condition apply

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