Fieza Bertunang

Just finished and post to print shop. This is mini custom album about Fieza bertunang at 1 march 2009. So as you can see below there, this is my artwork. I'm know my skill is still bad but I try my best in every assignment given to me.
page2-copyPage 2 - waiting for his boyfriend.
page3-copyPage 3 - Happy because "kau milik-ku" HAHAHA.
page7-copyPage 7 - a lots of item on the bed.
So that all, thanks for viewing. (^^)


.OhNora. said...

macam besa. tetap chantek!!
awesome + superb.
anda ade idea. hee

meen rahman said...

yeahh like nora said
awesome and superb!

Rizal Yusof @ Mysta' JT said...

Steady la kimy!!!!
Cun gler!!!
Utk custom album erk??
Gune Canon-foto ker for printing???

Niza_CrazEE said...


i love the 2nd 1...
completely express the beauty of the bride...


Kimy said...

to nora = thanks, itu pn perah otak cari idea huhuhu (^^")

to meen = meen memang suka ikut orang hehehe

to rizal = yup! printing masih lg guna canon photo.

to niza = haha nati ko kawin dgn mr. ayat jangan lah lupa jemput aku, jejeje.

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