Business Card (Beta Version)

Flickrjunk! Business card has been printed for beta version. Why it call Beta Version? The answer is I’m still searching better shop for print process. Our first 100 copies was worst with too contrast. However, this card still can use. If you get this card, so don’t throw away because you will need someday. HAHAHA

Front-side of card

Back-side of card

Others update!

Our photographed during make-up, KM Azrai with his wife Amy. Taken at 20 march 2010, yeah peace and no war.. (^^)

Unknown flower, photograph during photowalk with Kimo.

This is long exposure setting; I’m set it up in around 7.30 PM at Kulim Hi-tech area.


Nyze The PumpkinBee said...

ada kemajuan....
i loike!

Rizal Yusof said...

Sukses !!! =)

Kimy said...

to niza = ya kearah wawasan 2020. hehehe :)

to rizal = yeah sukses!

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