The Couple

Shooting Date:7/02/09. ISO 100 18mm f/6.3 1/200sec
Little editing, HAHA no idea. Just wanna give new tone for fairytale looks like.
IMG_4397Shooting Date:7/02/09. ISO 200 39mm f/5 1/200sec
Happy couple. They shown their face with smile, that why i know that their happy.
Shooting Date:7/02/09. ISO 100 18mm f/5.6 1/100sec
The boyfriend need to sacrifice.
IMG_4431Shooting Date:7/02/09. ISO 100 50mm f/1.8 1/1600sec
Paparazzi shot. Muahahah (evil laugh)


Niza_CrazEE said...

i love the 1st one and the last one...

1st- look like that girl said, "Wait for me!!!"
and the guy wait for her patiently... -too much imagination of me huh? xP

2nd- so romantic... the natural pose always be the best and the sweet ever...


keep it up!

Rizal Yusof @ Mysta' JT said...

Muka gal tuh cm senior BJ aku jewk...
Aween eh???

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