Look At Your Sky

The picture was taken in this year. All day we found nice clouds but never think to capture. This is a collection of sky taken in this year until this May. A lot of you know that the session turning to rain session recently. When the rain ended in the day, it will give a nice vivid color to object surface and texture. This is a good moment to capture the pictures.
Shooting Date:25/4/09. ISO 200 50mm f/7.1 1/1250sec
Location: Gurney Drive. Loafed there and found building under construction. At the roof top I can see many worker doing the work.
Shooting Date:25/4/09. ISO 200 18mm f/5.61 1/400sec
Location: Gurney Drive. Drain brings the waste water to sea. The reflection gives a lot of punch in this picture.
Shooting Date:11/5/09. ISO 100 50mm f/8 1/1250sec
Location: Putra Jaya. When I lunch at cafeteria, I found a nice abstract at the door way. Simply took the picture.
Shooting Date:11/5/09. ISO 100 50mm f/8 1/1250sec
Location: Putra Jaya. The roof of cafeteria, we can see the Malaysia flag there. The way how there tide the canopy roof makes me feels want to snap the picture and put the flag as a subject.
Shooting Date:11/5/09. ISO 100 25mm f/10 1/1250sec
Location: Putra Jaya. The mosque, tree works as a frame in this picture. As u can see here, there is a sunray hit into my lens.
Shooting Date:12/5/09. ISO 100 50mm f/8 1/250sec
Location: PLUS Highway at Jelapang Ipoh. Taken picture in car when journey from Shah Alam to Penang. Needs a fast action snap this picture? Yes of course.
Shooting Date:11/5/09. ISO 100 50mm f/8 1/1250sec
Location: PLUS Highway at Jelapang Ipoh. This is cement factory that you will se along hightway. This is my favorite picture.
Shooting Date:11/5/09. ISO 100 50mm f/5 1/4000sec
Location: Penang Bridge. I saw this unique cloud after tol booth. I took this picture in evening. A lot of car on bridge, so the traffic got jammed for way to penang. My father car stuck there and it gift benefit to me to snap the picture in car.

Question: Do you think many of picture from above is under exposure?


AkuAyie said...

i love the last picture...heee~

Niza_CrazEE said...

2nd and last picture really cause me down to the earth...


reflection always cause me crazy in love with the photo...

and totally love the clouds...

P/s: Awan last skali mcm Majin Buu dlm cter DragonbAll je...


Niza_CrazEE said...
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Niza_CrazEE said...

1 more thing...
apa itu lomo?

Kimy said...

to all = sorry lambat reply komen sebab cat rumah so wayar telefon terpaksa diputuskan. kesulitan amat dikesali heheh.

to ayie = thanks. hehe like niza say awan macam citer dragon ball. hehehe

to niza = thanks you very much. hehe ko ni kan, suka sangat reflection hehe xpa nati kimy upload banyak lagi pic reflection.

to niza = lomo tu lebih kepada filem style. pic yg dihasilkan ada effect cam klasik kekuningan dan color nampak cam flat, tak menonjol pun. sekarang pic camtu orang bleh guna photoshop je. ada juga kamera filem yg boleh hasilkan lomo tapi sekarang dah discontinued.

::ainbutterfly~ said...

yeah2 mmg cantek.. good job kimy..

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