KM Azhar & Siti Khadijah

03/10/09 I had photograph for KM Azhar and Siti Khadijah wedding. On that day the weather is fine. I started to do the work around 11.00 am, capture house environment and preparations. After that we head to first KM Azhar family house for bride make-up. The make-up was done and we head to USM mosque for waiting the others that came from Siti Khadijah family trip. The bride was very sporting and know how to pose and can give some nice idea. I was happy photograph both of them. Sorry for my late finished album, I am busy nowadays with assignment and final project to achieve Diploma. I hope KM Azhar and Siti Khadijah understand my situation. Special thanks to Encik Ainuddin for give me opportunity being photographer on that day. So that the story, lets enjoy the photos.

The golden chair for 1 day to be a king.

Berenjis container, as you can see rice and pandan leaf in there.

Makan beradap table.

KM Azhar after make-up and ready for action.

Just arrive at home.

food preparation by the worker

Pray and wish for success in life.

The guest that also make a wish.

Siti Khadijah parent shake hand with menantu.

Encik Ainuddin put pandan leaf on KM Azhar hand.

Amboi sopannya, suap-menyuap lagi.

After being sopan. what happen to them?

Yeah, cut a cake ceremony, nice smile (^^)

The couple figure on the cake.

The journey of life.

Cinta datang dari mata,
Turun pula ke hati,
Tidak dinilai dengan kata-kata
Untuk membentuk kasih sejati. (Cheewahh!!~~)

The joy and happiness.

On their way, so please audience wait for them.

Why we at this place? so weird (^^)

This is some page for sampel in Wedding album.


ayie said...

wow...bile la time ak pulak ye..

Kimy said...

to ayie: sabar ayie, ini semua kerja tuhan. hari yang dinanti pasti akan tiba. hehehe (^^)

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