Tak Ada Pasal Cari Pasal

Theme: Tak Ada Pasal Cari Pasal
Talent: Amirul
Location: Construction Site at Kulim Kedah
Photographer: Kimy (FlickrJunk), Kimo (Kimo's Life)

During Kimo offday, we had a photograph session at a construction site somewhere around Kulim. Before this session started, I have called my fellow friends to be our model. unfortunately, nobody can be our model on that day. So, I told my housemate, Amirul to be "Model Paksa". hehehe :">

After fighting, the sick moment.

Behind the scene.


ayie said...

euwww...sickening battle. haha.. mmg cm betul2 lepas bertumbuk... wakakak~ lawak je.

Kimy said...

to ayie: amirul, siapa tak kenal. semua pose dia boleh buat. hehehe :)

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