Blue Screen

Dear my lovely reader,

Sorry for a long time didn’t posting new entry. I had problem with my PC and now still can’t solve it. After moding my CPU to a new performance and new look, finally I got blue screen. Don’t know what hardware is getting problem, but I think it maybe form graphic card. This is so problematic to do the work with PC especially for editing picture. Hope I can fix this problem as soon as possible. Please pray for my success. I will update this news soon.


Some photos of moding process.

The bedroom environment while doing the process. (actually this is my room)Carbon Fiber texture on my CPU casing, This is my old moding before turning red.
Needs to make modification on casing too.
My CPU housing when take out all the cover
Only power supply, motherboard and chassis fan.
After assembly all the items in the Housing.
After side cover has been closed. Note: as you can see 2 fans on the CPU housing, the original Housing didn't have this hole. We make modification for hole.
Glow in dark.
Waste a lot of money but the result, I would like to say "worst".


AkuAyie said...

it's like watching a sci-fi movie.

"it's ALiVE!!" lol

Rizal Yusof said...

Pasnig letak liquid cooler plak!!!!

Kimy said...

to ayie = boring tengok PC tu, so sebab tu aku kasi new look. Alive tak lah sangat sebab aku hilang 2 batang tube lampu cam pendaflour masa cuci CPU pada suatu ketika dahulu, kalau ada lampu tu memang nampak lebih "LIVE".

to Rizal = aku rasa tak boleh lah rizal. aku dah fully testing sistem fan yang aku pasang kat chasis ni, dia memang efisyen. Aku pakai AMD phenom, selalunya temperature mesti 43°C keatas tapi sekarang maintain antara 36-40°C.

kimomoto said...

wayar x rapat kot..x pon ade ptus2 ke double cek la..

Kimy said...

to kimo = da double check da. baru taw yg mobo yg tak support vista. kena dnload latest driver tapi aku x buat. asyik blue screen je camna nak buat kan. so aku install balik window xp. huhuhu

kimomoto said...

vista always unstable..haha

::ainbutterfly~ said...

setor kah atau bilikkah? hahaha.. tp nice la ade tapak tgn kt dinding..ngee~

Kimy said...

to kimo = ntah lah, aku pun rasa camtu juga tapi tak kan lah sampai sekarang tak stable. release tahun 2007 sekarang dah 2009, sepatutnya diorg mesti dah fix benda ni.

to ain = hehehe, ini adalah workshop + stor + bedroom = messy!... ya tapak tangan kat dinding tu adalah hasil tukang cat yang dah boring cat bilik tu. haha

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