Busy For Couple Of Weeks

End of week in July and first week of August. Here is to do list:
  1. Prepare industrial training report (high priority).
  2. Make mr. Azlan wedding album (Due date to finish can demand).
  3. Make new layout and application for FlickerJunk (as promise).
  4. Prototype Manipulation, (can request to mr. Mat’Q).
The next will be comes:
  1. Print fifth semester module.
  2. -I don’t thinking yet-
To Mr. Azlan and Wife
Be patient, your wedding album in process. Here is some photo to treat your miss (^^”)..

More picture? - i will upload when i had finish it all. Why? -to give suprise HAHAHA.


Alia said...

eventhough im not the bridegroom, still anxious to see the surprise.. haha!

p.s, ala...ko grad lmbt lg, so nk amik muet tahun dpn pon boleyh.. huhu

kimomoto said...

baik ko buat laporan ko kasi abis dlu haha gmbr lps tu buat ar haha...high priority tu kekeke

Alia said...

betoi3....stuju ngn kimo..
siapkan laporan dulu! huhu..

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